The Human Forms

The art of the human body and nothing else. Source material and inspiration.

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joseph, 2013 - I’m finally seeing this dude again today, it’s been a year since I photographed him.  Somehow this scan got lost in the shuffle and I’m real into it.

Vincenzo Vela (1820 - 1891) Italia Riconoscente Francia  1862

Vincenzo Vela (1820 - 1891) Italia Riconoscente Francia  1862


Andy Denzler

 Paintings of paused VHS clips


Vanish Point 14”x18” oil on canvas

Model: Jonathan Löwengart  

Roberto Ferri. Sigillum. 2013.

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Michelangelo Buonarroti

Male Nude, Seen from the Rear (recto)

Black chalk, pen and brown ink

260 x 170 mm



adam and sam, 2004


Brooklyn, April 2014

Spirit of the Flowers

Alexandra Dillon
United States